OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise

OPI is my of my favorite brands for nail polish. OPI’s Austin-Tatious Turquoise apart of OPI’s Texas Collection. It’s a really sheer turquoise, and would do better over another color. OPI is also a 3 – free polish.

Pictures shown have a base coat (ORLY), 4 thin coats of OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise, and one top coat (Seche Vite)

Without Flash

OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise

better representation of color

With Flash

OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise 2


I usually love OPI (seriously, it’s one of my favorite brands), but this formula didn’t please me all that much. It was thin and it didn’t seem to want to spread evenly; you can even see it on the tips of my nails how it just didn’t want to stay there and it’s thinner towards the end. :/


This is a super sheer shimmer turquoise. It looks like such a pretty color from inside the bottle. I just wish it was more opaque. I hate that you can still see the whites of my nails even after 4 coats of polish. I was only going to do 3, but I wanted to try and make it more opaque.


Overall, I’m really disappointed in this polish. If it wasn’t as sheer I think it would be better, but the formula wasn’t as good as all my other OPI polishes. I really didn’t even want to post the pictures of how bad this polish spread on my nails, but that’s the purpose of a swatch I guess!

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All opinions are my own and I received this as a gift from a friend.

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